Construction Law, Environmental Law and Waste Management Law

SCWP Schindhelm has many years of comprehensive experience in the area of construction law. Our activities incorporate consulting in proceedings to issue or amend land and specialist planning files, including so-called strategic environmental audits. In the process, we are not only active for you at municipal level, we are also active at state level because the framework in particular, also of operational usage and development potential, is defined increasingly on this planning level - not least as the result of European Community law.

Projects that we accompany are residential building projects, commercial operating plants and industrial plants of all kinds but also the production of raw materials, waste treatment facilities, commercial and industrial parks and infrastructure projects. In the process, we advise you from initiation and planning to construction and disposal or utilisation. Our activities also include representation in proceedings to obtain official approvals and permits, including environmental impact assessments (EIA) that are necessary for the construction and operation of a plant or a project, as well as proceedings relating to the award of official contracts and their enforcement, as well as criminal administration proceedings.

We also provide our clients with long-term legal counsel in the area of environmental law, especially regarding waste management regulation. We arrange the necessary permits and monitor and evaluate the constantly developing European and domestic legislation, according to which we then implement the client’s requirements.

The expertise of SCWP Schindhelm also incorporates all other areas of public environmental law, e.g. advising with regard to brownfields redevelopment or with issues of criminal environmental law, and of civil environmental law, in particular of neighbourhood law and environmental liability law.