Questions & Answers

We have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions on our Law Library App for you.

What actually is an app?

“App” is an abbreviation for “application”. This abbreviation is now normally used for mobile applications on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, which can be purchased via an online store.

What is the Law Library App from SCWP Schindhelm?

The Law Library App is a digital library for SCWP Schindhelm's own publications.

Where can I get the Law Library App?

The Law Library App can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store and, from autumn 2011, in the Android Market.

What are the system requirements to use it?

In addition to compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or an Android smartphone, another requirement is at least iOS 3.0 or Android 1.6.

Are my personal details stored or are these visible to SCWP Schindhelm when I download the Law Library App?

No. Neither are personal details stored for further use when you use the app. The app is installed directly on the smartphone and also does not require any Internet connection.

Do I have to be a client of SCWP Schindhelm to be able to download the app?

No. We are delighted if you use our app despite our having been unable to win you as a client up to now.

What does the app cost?

The Law Library App is free of charge.

How many publications does the app cover?

The Law Library App currently incorporates two publications with a total directory of more than 1,000 keywords, and additional publications are in preparation.

How do I learn about updates?

As a user, you are automatically informed via the iTunes App Store or Android Market as soon as an update is available.